Empowering Change is APEC's gender analysis tool.


Empowering change is designed to help you develop better policy by examining how groups of people in your economy may experience a policy, programme or initiative differently, based on their gender.

Its name reflects its aim – to empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to use gender analysis in your policy work.

Why use gender analysis?

Using gender analysis will ensure your policy better reflects the needs of your population – particularly those with the least opportunities or access to resources. It helps you consider,


Who has access to and control over resources and opportunities.


Who is likely to benefit or lose from a policy.


What barriers and opportunities exist for different groups.


What roles and responsibilities exist that shape equality.


What strategies will have the biggest impact on gender equality.

Gender equality is good for the whole economy. It supports economic growth, innovation and skills, higher levels of health and wellbeing, and more targeted and effective use of government spending.

To find out more about how Empowering Change was developed, see About. Otherwise explore the tool, Empowering Change.

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